Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Update

Good Sunday to one and all!
I have been quiet lately as I dealt with my father's passing. A lot has and is still happening in this regard. A lot has really knocked me on my rear and I have been questioning a lot of things about myself my life and my value as a person and a child. Certainly what has transpired in the past few weeks has brought these all to light and I really struggle to comprehend things.
The one thing it has done has strengthened my resolve and my belief the Our Holy Mother is really looking after me and maybe it is time for me to put this on my plate and appreciate the real true love that comes from her. Also the Our Father is also and has been there all the time but I have never fully accepted this and now have come to the realization that I should because they as mentioned have been always there in front of me but I have been too blind to see and too dumb to comprehend.
Today I make a new start and we change direction in the church we attend and will now start to attend the Hungarian Church in Toronto. More there for me especially religiously and through time and the help of the wonderful parish priest there I can be reformed and turned onto the right path to develop a true and meaningful relationship with God!
I know my struggles about the residuals of my father's passing will take time and it will take time to heal the deep wounds that have hit me since this occurred. It has been tough and any prayers and words of encouragement would be appreciated through these dark days.
Take care and God Bless!

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