Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update Time

So where has this guy been? Nothing lately just the weekly Sunday readings. Is he around at all? Yes I am around and it has been an interesting journey the past month with the usual up and downs.

First I am adding a new link to a blog. The blog is from Fr. Michael Slusz and is called Come Holy Spirit. Fr. Slusz does an excellent job of interpreting the Daily Gospel into a very understandable form. So please drop by he has an excellent site!

 Next as mentioned in an older post we were attending a feast at another Hungarian church where our former Parish Priest now resides and as Father B's standards it was quaint and very well done and a great atmosphere. A wonderful mass with not 1 not 2 but 5 Hungarian priests including the Parish Priest from Toronto  and a visiting priest from Hungary. Our parish has no priest as you know except for Father Andrew who is brought down from the retirement center. 

 Father A has done wonderful considering he is 80 but age has crept in and caused some struggles for him through mass, but he keeps trying to keep us together.

 We have also signed up for 1 day retreat through the Toronto Hungarian church to see a shrine to Jesuits Martyrs here in Ontario. It will be in August and as the Father from the Toronto church has instructed  it is not a day trip but a spiritual journey with Prayer and interpreting of the bible on the bus trip. Once at the Shrine we will have mass at the Hungarian site of the Shrine and have also a Stations of the Cross along with more spiritual readings before we return home. Of course we will also have time to visit the shrine and pray and take in what we see and be closer to the Lord. As we get closer I will provide a link as this is truly and amazing place! I have also taken up dialogue with the Toronto Parish Priest about wanting to learn more and develop spiritually. It seems like God does work in mysterious ways and we are very seriously looking at switching parishes. It would be better for us especially for me spiritually as there is so much I want to learn and explore.

 On personal notes at work where we have been past slow we got good news as it now appears after not having any major projects for the last year and basically staring down the barrel of closing we have at least one up to 3 projects come in on Friday! Doors stay open for a while yet! Meantime after applying for a position in Hungary and losing out at the final decision and also applying with the local Catholic School Board it appears my wife received that position after being rejected for a previous teaching position with the board. Everything to be finalized this week with a late August start to her new job! 

 Thank you Lord for what you have given us!

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