Sunday, June 13, 2010

This and That!

So here I am it has been a year since our Parish Priest has left us and we still do not have a replacement. Father E has been doing his best but lately he has not been well and his 80 years starts to show as he starts to forget parts of the mass.
We have started to discuss with my wife the possibility of going elsewhere probably to St. Elizabeth in Toronto but then one item sticks out and that is I would like to get involved in some spiritual strengthening and learning more about the faith and becoming a better person and Catholic. Now there is a lot offered in St. Elizabeth which we don`t have at our current parish but I have always been holding out hope that with a new parish priest we would have something.
At the end of the month we will be going to another Hungarian church for the annual feast and our former Parish priest is there and I will be asking Father B for some help in my concerns and should I stay or should I go.
Truly it has been a very disfunctional year since Father B left and I truly miss him and spiritually it has been a weak year for me and disappointing. I try to pick up things and read on the net but it is still not the same as actually being in a group and being able to discuss things and also have a priest to talk to.
Well I will keep praying for a new parish priest and help from the Lord for spiritual direction and strength.

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