Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Yaer!

Happy New Year to all those who happen by my humble blog. Certainly has been an interesting year and another year of ups and downs ahead. Certainly my journey back into the faith continues and I certainly have a lot to do and a lot of growing and accepting ahead of me.
I was able to go see our former parish Priest Father B at his new parish. First it was great to see him and he was very happy to see myself and my wife. He has a very old parish about an hour and fifteen minutes from us. It is down in farm country but at one time was a very vibrant Hungarian parish. He hopes to revive it as much as he can as they have not had a parish priest for about 7 years. Just travelling priests coming down on Sunday's to hold mass.
Father B took us on a tour of the church and it is beautiful with beautiful stained glass windows with all the Hungarian Saints depicted on them. Also as Father B pointed out there is a cemetery there at the parish and apparently it is the only recognized Hungarian Cemetery outside of Hungary. We are hoping to go back and take in a mass on a Sunday.
While there we found a wonderful bakery that seems to be a mix of the various ethnic peoples in the region and we were able to get some Hungarian bread and sausage there along with some wonderful Polish pastry and we were served by a wonderful lady from the former East Germany. All in all it was wonderful day.
Father B went into long explanations when we talked about why he left and of course he was curious how the parishioners were digesting his abrupt departure. Of course we all know it was not abrupt he had put in for the transfer and was granted permission from the Bishop's involved to move. We just have not been sent a priest yet. He went through the politics and the thinking of those in power among the lay people. I did tell him that I see it in action and it is sad to see that even though these people may think they are helping they are in fact contributing to the end of our parish both spiritually and financially. Hopefully when the new priest comes he can somehow help the parish out to survive for a long time.
We did attend the New years gala at our parish and truthfully it was very well done and really a great value for the money. Great food and we met new people and made new friends. At the end of the day it was very good.
As for resolutions all I can say is I will do more to grow spiritually this year because there is this yearning in me that is demanding this of me. As to what happens around me I guess I have to accept more of this happening for a reason which is much more deeper and beyond me that I can truly recognize or appreciate at the moment.
For all of you Happy New Year and may God Bless you all!

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