Sunday, January 24, 2010


Better write a bit of what is going on with me or those few of you who do visit might think the Sunday reading is an automatic upload!
Lots of internal struggles and at times turning my back on Christ but now at the end of it all I turn back and I am begging for forgiveness to help on the road. Certainly the Lord does work in mysterious ways and at times selfishly I am upset that the detours he has thrown at me on the road are numerous and difficult in the end when I reflect I appreciate and have learned from these detours but boy there are a lot. Do the rest of you also find this?
I ave also during the asking of forgiveness and praying for forgiveness find an inordinate amount of peace. Really at times the journey is not only a long and winding road but the emotions on the road are like the pendulum of a clock.
Now on to the parish. Still no parish priest. Father E keeps going like the energiser bunny and does the Sunday mass but even he thinks this is past ridiculous in the amount of time that we have no parish priest. Today we are having another youth mass 4th one on 3 months as opposed to the 4 in the past 2 years. I as some of you know maybe do not appreciate the guitar at mass but I do think the youth have to be involved. For this mass again changes all the time as it was moved ahead a week. I had suggested to every ones amazement to put a clip in the weekly events read at the end of mass. I told them though the effort to run a youth mass is great it is always the same 5-8 kids there. If we get one more out because a parent saw the advert or a grandparent then we have won! So finally a suggestion of mine gets enacted.
Truth be told there is still a small handful who think they are running the Vatican within the parish. I told my wife that I think these people are actually thinking they help in their own little minds and hearts but do not understand what and how they should be doing things.
I know I keep praying constantly for a new parish priest and I am hoping one comes soon. I really want one who will try to get some faith classes going and other things like that because I am starved for this and even though the Internet has a lot of wonderful info on it and people, it still would mean a lot to mean to be able to sit with a priest to learn from.
So there you go my catch up! Take care and God Bless all of you!

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