Sunday, October 4, 2009

No News

As I struggle in my daily life with this path back into my faith my little parish struggles to survive.
We are yet to get a new Parish priest. My gut feeling is that the parish will be closed and nothing has come from Hungary and the Bishop to dissipate this feeling. last word was that if we had not gone out and brought in the retired priests to do mass the parish would have ceased right after Father B left.
Me thinks the Bishops thinking is this, we close the parish sell of the property and good riddance to them. Now the Bishop might be correct just me well I am being selfish, I am returning to the faith, attempting to learn and strengthen myself. The Hungarian mass is done in a different manner to that English mass in these parts. The people come with at least some respect to where they are, no flip flops, cut offs and halter tops. But then this group of Hungarians have always tried to run the church and have the cultural groups run and dictate to the parish instead of helping the parish flourish.
I was told last year that the Hungarian Bishop was closing down some parishes in the United States and the parishioners were complaining. They told the Bishop that they had 150 kids signed up for the Hungarian scouts and also about the same number for Hungarian language school. Bishop gave them this response that is nice and good but not one of those 150 attend mass and it is the parish church which should be the center of the Hungarian culture and everything revolving around the parish not the other way.
Well same in our parish and there are some blatant disregard for the church from the various groups unless of course they need something.
Oh well with this said the soap opera continues. To me I still think we will close. Bishop will just tell us to go to the Toronto parish or to Welland. Simple problem solved.
Me I keep praying as hard as I can the God helps our parish but I think he knows my underlying selfishness.
We will see. Take care and God bless!

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