Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly Thoughts

Again the gospel today has me thinking. Now that is scary as the wheels up there in my brain when they start spinning there is a lot of noise and creaking and gears grinding!
Anyways this gospel has put me into deep reflection. Who do I think Jesus is and also what does he mean to me? I guess this is causing some emotional wrestling and some cerebral and spiritual soul searching.
I guess everyone goes through this on their road back to the faith and learning the full understanding and meanings of the scriptures. If any of the readers have any ideas about this and who Jesus is to them please share.
As mentioned I am starting to put up some links to blogs I like to read. If you did not get up there do not be offended just send me an email and I will put you on the list.
The drama at our parish continues. I was supposed to go help yesterday but to no avail as I am stuck with work all weekend. That I have not figured out yet as we are slow work wise but I am swamped with quotes and inventory system implementation and developing bill of materials for some new sale we finally had and also spare part lists for a large project leaving for Australia Back to the parish we still have not had a permanent parish priest installed. The Bishop from Hungary has basically asked us to pray and hope we get one. I told my wife my feeling is the parish will be closed down as this whole Father B leaving was strange and sudden and with no replacement from Hungary in place. I just have a bad feeling and as I told my wife when you are not sure that you can say anything smart do not open your mouth and some of these know it alls at the parish probably opened their mouths to the bishop when he was here and maybe that sealed it!
I know I am praying for the parish to stay alive, please say a quick prayer also to help out.
Thanks and God Bless!

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