Thursday, September 3, 2009


In going around the Internet to get more in depth into Catholicism and learn more about my faith and where I am in my faith you come across various blogs and articles.
I guess the big event currently is the changes within the order of mass. I have provided a link that has the changes for the new Roman Missal. In reading through first it is quite interesting to me how some different words makes a complete change to the meaning and context of the various passages. Next in translating this through to Hungarian it appears that for us in our Hungarian parish there is no change as we have been basically following what is to be in the new Roman Missal. For example we have always replied to the priest with "And with your spirit", also many of the other new parts are as mentioned exactly the same.
Also forgive my lack of knowledge as to the reason why but the first noticeable item at the Hungarian mass as opposed to the English mass I used to attend is we recite the Nicene Creed and not the Apostles Creed. I am not sure why and truthfully again excuse my lack of knowledge but what the exact difference is between the 2 and which is the most common Creed recited at mass around the world.
Even the newer version of the Penitential Act we recite as it is written for the new Roman Missal. To me this is interesting but that could be because I am small minded but always wondered why the difference between a Hungarian spoken mass as opposed to the Canadian English mass.
I would welcome any feedback on these questions and thoughts to help me have a better understanding. Thanks and take care!!

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