Monday, August 3, 2009

Up and Running

So copy and paste does work. I was able to get the presentation up and running. Of course there was hitch the batteries for the mouse on the church computer died so my wife ran across the street to get some new ones and away we went.
It was quite funny to see how much the people missed the presentation and how they really wanted this back this I found out after.
The new temporary parish priest Father E was having his 50th Jubilee Mass. Yes after being in a prison camp in Hungary during the early years of communism and being released where he went back to become a priest he left Hungary during the 56 revolution and went to Ireland and there in July 27th 1959 he was ordained a priest. Well after mass there was a reception held for him and that is where I had parishioners coming up to me to tell me how happy they were that I had the presentation up and running and how they like having the hymns and a few other items visible and complimented me on the job I had done.
I also found out that the parishioners were split 50-50 on Father B leaving with such haste. Some are upset he left, some at the way he left and some were elated that he was gone. Quite the span of opinion but then again that is pretty well how our parish is.
So far we have not heard who are new priest will be so Father E will continue on. How long we are not sure as he is in his early 80's. He is not frail but not as pry as a lets say a 50 year old so it will be some interesting times ahead for my parish. All I know is I will continue to help as much as I can.
Take care!

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