Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday was the feast of Saint Stephen of Hungary. He is the saint whose name is on our church and St. Stephen has a very long history in Hungary and in fact August 20th is a national holiday in Hungary celebrating St. Stephen.
I will try to get a post about about St. Stephen this week for your reading and educational enjoyment. We had a small meal afterwards in the church hall and it was quite nice and my wife and I met some new people and hopefully made some new friends.
The thing that really hit was that our temporary priest Father A who already is 80 years old is going away and won't be back until October that is if in my mind he does come back. From what I was able to find out it was that there is another retired priest close to 80 years old coming to do mass. As to how long again anybodies guess.
As for a new parish priest again no hints no clue. I won't say it but it has to be as this is deserved justice for those who think they are important and run the parish as they basically pushed Father B out but from what I am finding out he was rescued by the bishop. Rescued away from the idiots who thought they had written the bible and thought they knew how mass was to be run etc. To say we are a parish in turmoil is an understatement. Hopefully the good lord take pity on some of them and does send a good parish priest for us. Time will tell!

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