Friday, April 24, 2009

This and That

So another week gone by. Time does certainly fly and went by extremely quickly this week. I was able to make a small web site for my parish and have sent the link to Father B and I am awaiting his verdict. I think he will be pleased about it.
I think it might be me but the news and what goes on these days just makes one shake their heads and really want to just turn inward and not listen. Sometimes the news is extremely disturbing and other times you just shake your head and laugh that some people have no sense at all. Luckily I try to immerse myself more into happenings in the Catholic Church and also try to learn more about the faith. That part really shows there is a lot to learn and also weeding out what you read about the church as to being right or fact or opinion is amazing. Yes I continue at times to struggle with the faith but really this makes for more of an amazing journey.
One news article going around and has lit my life up is Susan Boyle from Scotland. Yes the non glamour looking singer. I watched her video and was utterly disgusted with the behaviour of the judges and the audience. But when she started singing well I was in tears. Truly the voice of an angel from above. There are a very few female singers who move me. Yes me the classic rock guru but who with age has expanded his listening field. Singers like Billie Holiday who really was the angel of Harlem. Well Susan Boyle is up there.
It is sad to think that as a society we now anticipate the perceived "Hollywood" looks to be accepted as a performer with talent. We have forgotten to put the talent first. There is a well written article about Susan Boyle and our perceptions found here.
Really I generally do not watch these shows because too many times talent is eliminated in a form of a popularity contest. Jennifer Hudson another excellent singer who from my understanding did not win at Idol. Really shows what is wrong. But Susan Boyle should make each and everyone of us reflect as to how we perceive all people and then reflect on ourselves and how to improve our own inner self. Have a nice weekend!

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