Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rolling Along

So here we are rolling along in Lent. Reading various blogs it is nice to see that many of us still do not understand the true meaning of Lent. Do we give something up, how and when do we fast? Things like this and we are looking for answers.
From what we have been directed at Church by Father B Lent is a time to reflect and look inward at our relationship with God, Jesus and to see how we can strengthen this relationship. It is not just or only about giving up watching your favorite soap opera or not eating at the local burger joint. Yes we are to fast on Fridays and there are other items in there but the main thing is to strengthen ourselves with God.
I guess that is a reason for many of the Lenten retreats taking place at all parishes. We also had one but I did not attend for various reasons and truthfully not many of them good. I currently due to the medical community have lost my licence to medical suspension and due to liability issues and the options presented to me medically I will probably never drive again, but I could have arranged transport.
Also I attend a Hungarian parish. Even though born here in Canada I can speak fluent Hungarian and can for the most part understand it well. It has been through going to a Hungarian parish that I have learned to read Hungarian slowly. The point I am embarrassed that I might not comprehend all of the topics discussed. In retrospect another cop out. Certainly at the end of the day I could have arranged to go and gotten through this retreat with no problem. I am poorer for not going. I will however not say next year for sure because hollow promises are not wise to make either. I will instead vow to strengthen my Hungarian and my understanding of the church so that this is not an option to attend a Lenten retreat but a part of my faith.
Until next time take care!!

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