Friday, March 6, 2009

Here I am!

So I have decided to try again. I am here, I am back and hopefully I can do this blogging stuff much better.
I had a previous blog but due to a very heavy workload I put on myself last year I never really had a chance to keep up and it fell by the wayside. I was a bit upset that I could not write on a regular basis but it was my own fault.
This year I have vowed to ease my tensions and stress by reducing my work volume and by not stressing about work. After all we or at least I believe that we have to enjoy life as much as possible while here. I am certain my boss does not feel that way but what can I do. I do have some on going health issues and had some very serious health issues a few years back and that was my wake up call and last year I started to forget about it.
My health issues also led me back to the church and the one struggle that I have on a daily basis. That is finding peace with God and also to learn about the church and to learn about myself. Sometimes I think I may not be cerebral enough to understand my life and who I am in the eyes of the lord and other times I think it is so simple that the simplicity involved allows the answers to allude me.
After my health issues started and I was released from the hospital I decided I had to start getting back to my roots and the church. I was the typical catholic who would occasionally go to the Christmas and maybe Easter mass. I was like the others who did the same and considered myself to be the good catholic, the good catholic dad, husband. It turned out my example sucked and now my kids and I are paying for it.
I started after my release from hospital attending mass on a regular basis and was amazed at what was going on. Basically a rock band playing music, people showing up at all times through mass, cell phones going off during mass, some kids text messaging their friends during mass, and shorts t-shirts flip flops for dress. Certainly not what I remembered as a youngster nor the way I was brought up. I was always told to dress properly and to be quiet and behave in the house of God.
Needless to say this form of religion I had seen irritated me but I still went because at the end of it all is about my relationship with God that matter and I had to overcome these what I call make believe catholics.
I finally could not take it anymore and left for a different parish which was much more of what I remembered and their was respect for the lord there and the mass was done different there was a proper choir and an organ not drums, guitars and tambourines. Then my mother passed away and due to my Hungarian background and tradition one of her friends had a mass in her memory and I along with my wife have been attending the Hungarian church ever since. Mass is completely different and more traditional and the people are very respectful of going to church and have the attitude in them that I grew up with in regards to the church and mass.
So that is where I stand as of now. As you can see some days meaningless gibberish might be written other times you might see what I think are pertinent news articles from the Catholic world or the perspective of the Catholic world will be shown. I hope you enjoy and comment on my journey and blog and maybe answers for me when I question things that are occurring in my life and hopefully I can form some friendships also.
Until next time take care!

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