Sunday, May 3, 2020

Are we There Yet

So here we are about what 6 weeks into restrictions on movement and social distancing. Now we are getting close here in Ontario to opening up slowly. Caution in the mix so we do not have a major relapse and have to lock down again.
 Makes sense but yet many protest and complain their rights are violated and everything should be available as this is the freedoms we were guaranteed. I interpret those freedoms we have is to give me the freedom with government aid in times like this that my right to life and health is predominate not my right to go play a pick up game in basketball or sit in a cafe with 50 other people and spread a deadly virus. Maybe I am wrong I don't know any more. We here in Ontario and Canada have been given great political leadership throughout this process and a lot of transparencies as opposed to our friends in the United States. But now we are drifting into politics and that is not what I want to touch on.
 I have been lucky to see how many parishes have quickly picked up the pieces and gotten on top of this with virtual mass and prayers etc. Our Hungarian parish has the Sunday Mass on every Sunday on top of all the Easter Masses. Also since they are run by Jesuits every night there is the examen and reflection in front of the Holy Eucharist. It really has been great and to his credit the Priest at the Hungarian parish has brought other parish events and groups online. So really we are in touch continually in parish life.
 One of the local parishes has mass every Sunday and also a weekly update note and on Facebook the Daily Gospel is put up. The parish we attend has mass Sunday in Polish and English and daily mass alternating daily in language and a rosary.
 Now only thing that irritated me here was again the money request on Facebook our parish started a fund raising drive as out of no where he needed $30000. Now I am not naive I know they have operational expenses etc. But our Hungarian parish and the other parish I sometimes attend have been discreet in money request not over the top. This is right up there with what I called was the Ransom Mass in the winter where instead of a homily we were made to fill out the donation forms for the parish. Really getting too much. There is a proper way to do this.
 Certainly makes we wonder what is important to the parish priest his flock or their pocket book and I am certainly considering when churches reopen where I will be attending mass.
 Yes as I said they need support but every parish is discreet and respectful as there are many among us not working and have no income and are worried about rent food survival. The other parishes have been discreet and asked quietly in a note if you have the ability. Also the Hungarian and English parishes have also provided phone numbers for any kind of assistance one might require through this. To me this is how it should be.
 We are far from normal let us not rush and let us not push for donations but push to help and prayer for people to get through this. We will never I think get back to normal but we have to stay the course right now. Take care stay safe and God Bless!

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