Saturday, April 11, 2020

So How is It Going?

Well here we are moving through Holy Week and into the Easter Vigil tonight and Easter Sunday tomorrow. Certainly it has been difficult not to go to mass but I have been watching my Hungarian parish in Toronto on You Tube and also the parish I attend where I live have also been live on Facebook and another parish close by is coming online as well.
 Certainly it is better than nothing but really miss getting the Eucharist and being not just at mass but in mass. I have to admit that I tip my hat to the priests who have done this and are learning doing well with this new form. I just pray that God keeps them healthy so they can continue to expand this online ministry.
 I also hope that in the future that this online mass stays so just in case you can't make mass you can still watch might even bring in some more people to the church. Who knows but I would like it especially if I take ill again I can stay in touch with my parish through the mass.
 Next as you can imagine during these tough times the parishes are having difficulty getting collection money in which is vital to keep the parish going. Many have set up online payment options or as so many older parishioners are doing just put money in your envelope and drop off at the parish mailbox and help keep the lights on and the charity work the churches are doing during this epidemic.
 For example I know our Hungarian Church has with the other Christian Hungarian churches banded together to help along with local Hungarian businesses and the Consulate and the Hungarian Cultural Center started a program where they are cooking and delivering food to senior Hungarians who can't get out easily and make sure they are fed through the week. Currently they are close to 4000 meals delivered. So hats off and may God Bless them for their efforts. But also shows where some of your monies go when you donate to your parish so get that money in there.
 Until next time stay safe, keep your distance stay at home wash your hands and pray to Our Lord to help us through this pandemic. Take Care and God Bless.

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