Sunday, April 26, 2020


Lord, give me the Gift of Understanding.  Help me to know You and to understand Your actions in my life.  Help me to especially turn to You in the most troubling moments of life.  Jesus, I trust in You      

"Lord Jesus Christ, open the eyes of my heart to recognize your presence with me and to understand the truth of your saving word. Nourish me with your life-giving word and with the bread of life."

Lord, I believe that you are present here and now as I turn to you in prayer. I trust and have confidence in your desire to give me every grace I need to receive today. Thank you for your love, thank you for your immense generosity toward me. I give you my life and my love in return.

Lord, I do give You the one and only key to my soul.  I choose You as my guardian this day.  Allow me to commune, freely, with those whom You have invited into my life and set before me.  Help me to love them and to serve them with all my heart.  As I give You this key, I thank You that You will protect me.  May I trust You and never seek to welcome that which displeases You, and that which You do not welcome.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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