Sunday, April 5, 2020

Holy Week but Different

So here we are at Holy Week of 2020 and how different it is with the pandemic going on and we are shut out from gathering at church for Holy Mass.
 But thankfully for our digital world we are able to watch online and participate as best as we can. I have watched Sunday Mass and a few daily masses and even a daily Rosary. So there is a lot there that we can take advantage of.
 Also we can support our parish still on one of the daily masses the father from the local parish we attend was in awe and thankful of all the envelopes that were left at the parish mailbox and remember they still need our donations to get by so please help.
 Yes it will be a strange Holy Week but let us make the best of it and support our church with all the online masses that are available and a lot of local parishes broadcast on Facebook or You Tube or some other form. Please check and join in and pray this Holy Week
 Stay at home stay safe wash your hands and God Bless!

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