Sunday, February 2, 2020

Blessing of Candles

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 So yesterday evening we went for Sunday Mass and had a very pleasant surprise. Prior to mass  Father asked all of us to join him in the Narthex  where he will bless the candles and we will enter the church with a procession of lit candles. It was done very nicely and the mass was very good afterwards.
 He went on to explain how this is the light that our Lord brought to us when he became man and how we have to always have this light in our hearts to be with Jesus. It was quite good and made one think about especially recently about the darkness in ones life. It was certainly a very welcomed pick me up especially for me as I certainly due to the Cancer have many emotional hills and valleys to roll through but somehow I know the Lord is with me always there for me as I go through this and deal with the aftermath.
 It was quite interesting though at the end of mass Father told us that the Blessed Candles were his gift for all of us I have been to different parishes where they charge up to $5 for a candle and somehow this one especially now has the most value for me.
 Take Care and God Bless!

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