Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Rosary

The Rosary we all know about it. About how strong of a prayer it is and how we should be praying the rosary daily whether the whole Rosary or even just a decade.
 Well during my illness I always used the Rosary as a crutch when needed brak glass pray the Rosary kind of deal. Many a MRI or CT I would pray to the Holy Mother to the best of my ability when I went in for my 2 surgeries the last thing I said or fell into sleep with was the Rosary this just in case I did not make it through. But I always felt it important to pray to the Holy Mother.
 Now I have tried daily to recite the Rosary and recite it during my walks. When I go for my daily walks I have the Rosary in audible form on my phone and play that back and recite along with it as I walk. This of course weather permitting and luckily winter has been mild so I can walk almost every day. I do miss reciting when not walking but that will be the next step and the slowly I will have come full circle to praying the Rosary when my back is against the wall to praying daily.
 Holy Mother Mary always beside us has accompanied me through this journey with cancer and always been there to help.

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