Saturday, February 17, 2018

More Lenten Resources

So how is Lent going so far? Have you been able to set aside time from your busy days to get in some prayer, reflection some reading of material? I due to the Chemo Therapy I am undergoing have the luxury of time and bounce around daily between 4- 5 sites to read and pray and deepen my faith.
 I have found a couple of good sites to add so here they are take a look and see if they work for you.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops not only has the daily readings but this good little Lenten Calendar where you can click on the date and it has prayers and reflection there.
Just click on this link;

USCCB Lenten Calendar:

Another site comes through my Hungarian church and is through the Jesuists in Scotland again an easy follow along but more group oriented so it could be used at your parish but I found it is good for individual use as well.
 It is found at this link;

Lent Retreat 2018

 Yes there are many resources available and time is not always on our side or at least we tend to find reasons not to make time but best to look around and see which one we can fit into our lives and use it or them as you wish.
 Take care and God Bless!

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