Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Prayer

This is from the website Living with Christ a nice prayer for the week!

Weekly Prayer

Sunday, February 8, 2015
“Everyone is looking for you.”

Jesus, I know
I should be praying more.
I know I could benefit
from more “alone time”
to think about my life
and share its events with you--
and to bring all my
worries and needs to you.

I know I should spend
more time praising God,
and more time thinking
of how well or how badly
I am responding to
my baptismal call to follow you,
and to grow in your love.

But, Jesus, my life is so hectic,
and my few quiet moments
are so full of interruptions!

But it was the same for you!
Here you are,
trying to go off and pray,
and the disciples come after you
because the crowds
are looking for you.

You don’t complain
about being interrupted.
Instead, you get up and go off
on your mission,
because this is “the purpose”
for which you have come.

Jesus, help me
to find quiet moments
to spend time in prayer.
But when life is hectic
and I’m interrupted,
help me to find
the same sense of
purpose and mission you felt
so that I might
give of myself
out of love for others,
just as you did.

When I am frazzled or weary,
help me to trust that you will
give me the inner peace,
love, courage, patience,
and strength I need
to be your disciple.

Thank you for always being with me,
even when I feel very far from you.

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