Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly Prayer

The Weekly prayer from Living with Christ.

“They left their nets and followed him.” 
Jesus, I’ve always been surprised 
by how quickly your disciples 
left their nets to follow you. 

I know there’s symbolism here, 
but sometimes I wonder 
if they left so quickly 
because they weren’t 
very good fishermen. 
After all, in the gospels 
they never seem 
to catch a fish without your help. 
And following you 
probably seemed easier 
than the backbreaking work 
of hauling nets. 

The gospels don’t show them 
as very good disciples either— 
not until you pour out 
your Spirit upon them. 

Jesus, sometimes things 
in my life and work 
drive me crazy 
and make me think 
it would be nice 
to drop it all and run away. 

Help me to remember 
that the disciples 
left behind their nets, 
but not their lives as fishermen. 
In the same way, 
you don’t ask me to run 
from who I am, 
but to take who I am 
and put it at the service 
of your kingdom. 

So I follow you, Lord, 
but it isn’t easy, 
And I fear that 
I, too, am often not 
a very good disciple. 

Pour out your Spirit 
on me too, Jesus, 
Inspire me to follow you 
more closely today, 
and every day of my life. 

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