Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Little Better

Well this week I struggled but slowly unwound and have come to grips where my problem lies and now I am working at it. How soon things will work out not sure but I will have to exercise patience.
 Funny how one when has problems it is always easy to blame everything and everybody else but so hard to look inward to find the real problem.
 It has been an interesting year for me and with the switch of Hungarian Churches it has been hard but somewhat rewarding. The Hungarian church we now attend is a bit different but very well run and has 3 excellent priest. Although one of  them is 94 years old but he is such a good priest so well prepared and so good at putting together the readings into his homily and providing great background and some great education in the faith and what this all should mean to us. Truly an uplifting experience.
 For me it is like going home, it is the parish where I was baptized, had my first communion at. My wedding and my parents wedding were there.
 I also see some people that I have known for years.
 Yes I also have been pressed into service here as well and help with the collections on Sunday. The only thing that bothers me in all this is from our former Hungarian parish considering how involved we were in parish life with the exception of one person no one has ever bothered too call us to find out what is happening why are not coming are we coming back? Nothing kind of bothersome but I have learned through the years to let go and move on. Life is too short. I thank God for the wonders he gives me and the churches I can go to to listen to and learn from his word and to show my love to him.
 God Bless!

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